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is a traditional Japanese martial art which includes techniques to restrain a person with rope. Hojojutsu is an obscure art, rarely taught in the United States. Most martial art systems that include Hojojutsu as part of a larger curiculum are unwilling to teach it as a separate art. Masi Shihan has studied Hojojutsu with several instructors for over a decade and has created a training curiculum separate from Jujutsu and Iaido. She freely shares her knowledge and expertise in Hojojutsu as part of an advanced study of Jujutsu and Iaido, preserving the reality of disarm, takedown, control, and restraint.

Dara Masi AJJF Hojo Class

Dara Masi HMAF Hojo Class

hojojutsu rope bundles

Hojojutsu seminars are available at the dojo or at your location and are open to all who are interested in the art.

Authentic hojojutsu rope, hand-made twisted hemp in a variety of sizes, is available for purchase.

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