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Suigetsu Dojo

Suigetsu Dojo, built by Dara Masi and Melanie Fine, is located in Placerville at Mountain Moon Ranch. It is surrounded by the peace and serenity of 42 acres of Sierra Nevada foothill forest. Both private and small class instruction is available. In addition, seminars are held on a regular basis, including the Hakkoryu Martial Arts Federation's West Coast Gasshuku held each year in the spring. Contact us for more information.

Suigetsu Dojo is the hombu dojo, or main school, of Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu.

The philosophy of Suigetsu Dojo is one that closely parallels the code of Bushido, the Way of the Samurai Warrior. Bushido incorporates serious training as a way of life not only in martial arts training, but as preparation for all aspects of living one's life- from simple courtesy and respect of others to courageousness. This means that students learn not only a method of physical self defense, but they also learn respect, confidence, courtesy, dedication, perseverance, independence, tolerance, patience, and much more. These teachings follow one throughout one's life at home, in school, and at work. Respect, hard work, attention, and dedication to training are provided at all times by the instructors and are expected of every student in return.

"Train with a pure heart, a clear mind and a devout soul." - our motto
One who studies with honor, integrity, and a clearness of purpose has a pure heart. When one's thought is focused and free of doubt and confusion, the mind is clear. To train with a devout soul means that your commitment to learning is sincere and earnest.

Suigetsu Dojo is not just a martial arts school. We are a community of people who have come together to study the martial arts. Our students often speak of the warm family based community feeling at Suigetsu Dojo. There is a sense of belonging and caring for others. We come to the dojo, train hard together, and leave each evening saying goodnight to people who have become our life-long friends and are family.


In 1994, Dara Masi founded Suigetsu Dojo in Long Island, New York. She was joined in 1995 by Melanie Fine. Together they created a successful martial arts school that grew to 200+ students. In 2012, they relocated to northern California.

The Logo

Suigetsu Dojo Logo

The direct translation of Sui is water. Getsu means moon. When the two words are combined together, they represent the image of the moon's reflection on calm water and the water's pure and powerful reflection of the light back to the moon.

After moving to the Sierra Nevada foothills and being so moved by the beauty of our Northern California mountain home and dojo, we added an image of the mountains to our website banner in addition to the water and moon.  The artwork was created by Kore' Grate, of Five Elements Martial Arts and Healing Center, an amazing artist, incredible martial arts instructor and good friend.