Traditional Martial Arts

Suigetsu Dojo, located in Greenlawn, New York is a traditional martial arts school serving the north shore of Long Island (Greenlawn, Huntington, Huntington Station, Centerport, Northport, East Northport, Melville, Commack). Our primary martial art system is Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu. Classes in Iaido and T'ai Chi Ch'uan are offered as secondary arts to the Jujutsu students. T'ai Chi Ch'uan is offered as a complete separate program for those interested primarily in stress reduction and health improvement without the vigorous workouts of a Jujutsu program.

Jujutsu (also sometimes spelled Jujitsu, Juijitsu, or Ju Jitsu) is a Japanese martial art that, like many other martial arts such as karate or taekwondo, includes stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks. What differentiates Jujutsu is the training in joint-locking techniques, throws, and ground-fighting skills- teaching how to safely roll, fall, and defend oneself from the ground as well as while standing. Jujutsu focuses completely on self defense and addresses all ranges of conflict: close in with locks and throws; distance with blocks, strikes, and kicks; and on the ground with grappling and pinning. You WILL be prepared to defend yourself.

The student learns to use the attacker's own force against him, and to use the body's meridians (pressure points) to cause pain without injury. Jujutsu is about self defense, not offense. Using the priciples of the martial arts, we strive to create a better person by developing character, confidence, focus, and discipline.

Programs for the Entire Family

PenroseSuigetsu Dojo teaches traditional Jujutsu martial arts and self defense classes seven days a week for people 4 years of age and older, offering separate classes for children, teenagers, and adults with low monthly dues and family discount rates. Our school is more than just a place that offers physical training classes. We are a community in which you will find friendly people and instructors who are truly interested in you or your child's development as a martial artist.

Families will find our schedule makes it easy to attend the dojo together. Our weight room is open during class times. Parents who train may attend class with their children. No babysitters are needed because children wait in our children's waiting room while their parents are in class. At Suigetsu Dojo family members train in the martial arts together: learning skills, sharing the same experiences and forming a wonderful, unique bond.

Adults achieve physical fitness, self defense, confidence, stress relief, and stamina.
Children will gain discipline, self-defense, focus, self-confidence, and maturity.
Teens have a cool place to train together, increasing their focus and discipline while having fun.

Our programs are frequently augmented with seminars by guest instructors brought in from around the world. The seminars expose the student to the depth and breadth of the martial arts and often provide once-in-a-lifetime face-to-face training with some of the best martial artists in the world.

Focus on the Individual

We believe the martial arts is for every person. We often hear "my back", "my neck", "I am out of shape" and many other challenges that one might believe will be limiting. We don't believe that! We believe they are challenges to overcome, not limits. No matter what your capabilities are, we will work with you and you will become a great martial artist.

The structure and discipline of Jujutsu benefits children with ADHD and other focus-related challenges. We have experience working with children who have a variety of individual needs. The art of Jujutsu is a self defense system and provides those who want to increase their level of personal safety with the techniques to do so. We work one on one with military, law enforcement and security personnel requiring specific training. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to meet them.